Brand or Logo: Which Comes First?

A corporate trademark is important for a business to stand out. When you offer similar products to a group of audience, you need to be able to create an identity that will convince your customers to choose your business over a competitor. This is easier said than done; however, a huge percentage of this can be attributed to a formidable company logo design and branding. When you get to this stage in your business planning, you will encounter an important question that new business owners face as well.  Which comes first: brand or logo? Below are great insights that will help boost your brand and create a compelling logo.
company logo design
Why Do You Need a Logo?
The logo serves as a trademark, an icon, that represents your business entity. It serves as a graphic symbol of which your customers will be reminded of your business when they see it. A well-crafted trademark can elicit positive reactions from your target audience. It does not have to instantly convert them into buying customers, however, your goal is to paint a positive image that will boost your credibility in the long run.
Several components can come into play when designing a logo. One of the most important things to think about is your brand. Experts in graphic design Melbourne has today make sure the design they create is consistent with your brand and according to your specifications. The design must also reflect your business while showcasing your core values and vision as a whole.
Which Comes First
Once you have a good understanding of what a company logo design is for, you can now evaluate how you build the brand. Marketing experts believe that you need to work on building the brand first. A logo is a branch of the brand. Without a brand, your logo will lack the impact it is supposed to make. The brand will also tie it together with your business’ other marketing collaterals.
To check the quality of the design produced by professional graphic designers Melbourne has to offer, you need to conduct a few tests. One of the most basic tests you can do for your brand logo is the black and white test. Companies often select specific colors to match their brand’s identity. But try using a black and white color scheme on your logo and see if it can still make an impact. If the logo is able to make an impression in black and white, then imagine how much more compelling it can be with colors!
Another basic test you can do is with regards the size of the logo. Make sure that you can re-create the same logo in various sizes and still be considered valuable. Lastly, you should examine how the logo looks with the brand colors. Reputable graphic design companies Melbourne has today should be able to distinguish which colors look good on certain designs. On the flip side, you should not insist on a design that would not fit well into your brand colors. Hence, you need to figure out your brand image prior to coming up with the design for consistency and more impact.
Creating a company logo design is no joke. That is why you should leave this task to a professional like Clark Marketing and Design. When looking for a graphic or logo designer in Melbourne, check their field of expertise and track record so you will be confident about the quality of work delivered.