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Digital data is electronic data from computerization. Do you know that in only 30 minutes, the internet and all electronic devices can turn out written works since time began? Obviously, the amount of digital data is accelerating by the second. Anyone with a project may use this growing digital data through eDiscovery and in the process use these same data and protect themselves in the eyes of the law. Built for serious eDiscovery is CDS Legal, an eDiscovery services and software company that uses advanced and tested technological processes in all the stages of eDiscovery to give eDiscovery litigation support and investigations.

CDS Legal


In the process of recovery and discovery of digital data for your project, is a framework that serves as a standard tool for early case analysis to final production. Called Electronic Discovery Reference Model or EDRM, below are details of the complete eDiscovery processes in the framework. Backed up by tools, experience and strategy, it assures you of successful eDiscovery outcomes every time. More information brand name: CDS LEgal

* Forensics and Collections – a sound acquisition of information from all forms of data sources like mobile devices, cloud storage and social media sites. Forensic experts analyze these data.

* Early Case Assessment – (ECA) explanation of collected data. A process called multi-threading and a special distributive architecture enable you and your team to analyze huge data saving you time and money.

* Processing and Production – an efficient eDiscovery service enables its litigation teams to concentrate on manageable amount of useful evidence.

* Secured Hosting – hosting and eDiscovery processes are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified and SSAE (Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements) 16 tested for the highest standards for your digital data.

* Analytics – makes work easier in early data viewing, selecting large documents, identifying information or prioritizing a review.

* Information Management – collaboration with your company’s legal and IT departments. After this, CDS Legal designs policies in document retention and destruction for legal purposes and in the process lessens storage costs.

* Consulting-Advisory Services – helps clients manage risks and lessen costs before and after a litigation.

Benefits of End-to-End eDiscovery

A complete platform for your eDiscovery and regulatory needs is End-to-end eDiscovery. End-to-end service means different things to different customers. However, for fast, cost efficient and quality in your eDiscovery process, end-to-end discovery is the answer.

* Key metrics help project managers. Because of the kinds and timely information, collaboration is better and getting information to clients, allowing them to make better decisions, is quicker.

* Clients become smart about collecting data and the collected data. Because of good data visualization, the process of defending accountability by clients themselves is easier.

* Clients can go back and fill in gaps in data. No need to worry when an information is missing. Pieces of software used to handle single nodes, or sets of nodes may cause this. With only one platform, you can go back to an information and broaden it if needed.

* Clients quickly understand data because of the platform’s quick and streamlined process.

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