Getting Ready to Build House Extensions: A Step by Step Guide

Building an extension for your home is an exciting project for homeowners because it gives you the opportunity to expand your living space. However, you need to plan this project carefully and with the help of Perth renovation builders. With the professional help, you will be able to assess the extent of the project and its cost, as well as other building codes and legalities required to undertake this project. But once you have taken care of the first step, you can move on to the next step, which is to prepare the build.

Perth Renovation Builders


Use this guide to know how to prepare for the build with the help of experts on renovations and home improvements in Perth.

Arranging Finances

The moment you decide to hire an expert to do Perth renovations and additions to your home, you could get too excited. Whatever you do, do not overstretch yourself. Try to set a budget and stick with it. Be realistic in the amount of work you need doing versus your imagination of what you need to get done. The cost difference between the two can be drastic.

When it comes to determining how you can finance the project to hire Perth renovation builders, cash is always the best option. But given the overall cost of the project, it could be too costly to spend all of your money on the extension project. You can, therefore, consider applying for a building or home improvement loan. Make sure you have a separate budget for your home extensions project. You should never use your emergency fund to cover for this!

Hire a Professional

As mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you hire experts or renovations specialists in Perth. A consultant can be an architect or home builder. Their expertise can come in handy when tweaking your design to fit your budget, as well as to give your home a professional touch. A lot of homeowners commit the mistake of skipping this part – only to regret it later. If you do not work with a professional, you could spend a lot of cash on the project and still not be satisfied with the outcome. In some cases, there are logistic errors in the design. You could easily avoid the hassle (and the extra cost) by working with a professional right off the bat.

Build a Preliminary Design

When experts come in, they will discuss with you about your initial design idea. Based on your initial design idea, they can make recommendations or suggestions wherever needed (and if there is a need for them). Hence, do not expect that your preliminary design is going to be the final design that will be pursued once the building process begins. You can expect a lot of changes depending on how efficient the design is. However, you need to be open to these changes as these professionals have had years of experience and knowledge to know what will work (and what won’t).

Draw Up a List of Builders

Once you have finalized the design, the final step is to find the builder. The builder’s work is the most crucial of all – they will be the one to execute the plan that you have consulted with an architect! Choose only the most experienced Perth renovation builders you can find. And most importantly, look for their license certificate. This will serve as an important proof of their expertise.