Import Japanese Cars through Car Importers

You have been dreaming about Japanese cars all these years, and could not find a way to have one. Well, now be ready to import Skyline GTR, as there are many dealers that help you to do so, that too at the most affordable rates. The options available for buying Japanese cars may not be too much, but what you can do is search online for the various dealers which deal in importing of Japanese cars such as Supra, Silvia and others. Now, before you think of contacting these dealers, you may be thinking as to why should you import Japanese car and what is the process of doing so?

import Skyline GTR

Reasons for importing Japanese Cars

If you go to any local dealer, you would find that the cost of the Japanese car is too high and when you ask for some reduced price, they ask you to go for Japanese car imports. Although it may seem odd to you, but there are reasons why they prefer importing cars rather than buying from dealers here. The reasons are

·         You may want to import Skyline GTR, but that model may not be available in your local area. So there is no option other than importing the car.

·         When you import used cars from Japan, you would find that they are cheaper. You can get them at half the price!

·         The dealers are always looking for good deals where they can go for Japanese imports, and then when they get a good customer, they sell them at a huge profit margin.

·         As it’s possible to buy Japanese cars online, you can go through the various models available before making your final decision.

Importing a Japanese car yourself

Now, when you know that the dealers sell the cars with a huge profit margin, you may be looking out for ways by which you can import the cars yourself. For this, you need to follow certain steps.

The first step towards this is to locate a Japanese exporter who would do the deal on your behalf in Japan. These exporters would be like your sales agent there, who would check out thousands of cars in Japan and choose the ones that meet your specifications.

The exporters would ask for your requirements, and after they get cars as per your requirement, they would send you the photographs of the same. You will also get detailed information about the car from them. If you like the photographs and feel that the car is in good condition as per your specifications, you may ask for the price. When it is settled, you would ask the exporter to complete the formalities.

Now in Australia, there are certain rules to import Skyline GTR.  You have to abide by them and complete the formalities here too, so that you may get the car in your garage.

Now, if you feel that this whole process would be very cumbersome, and the money that you would be saving is not enough for the work you would have to do, you can contact car importers Melbourne based who would do the work for you.